New Release – PowerCLI 11.5.0

New Release – PowerCLI 11.5.0

The days are ticking away until VMworld Europe, but we have some exciting news that we just couldn’t keep quiet about! PowerCLI version 11.5.0 is here and it is a huge release! More than 20 cmdlets have been added. There are new properties available for the objects we all know and love, one of which […] The post New Release – PowerCLI 11.5.0 appeared first on VMware PowerCLI Blog.

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Joe Beda talks Kubernetes, Project Pacific and…

Joe Beda talks Kubernetes, Project Pacific and…

With Tanzu and Project Pacific, VMware is transforming itself into a formidable next-generation developer platform and infrastructure services provider, all based around Kubernetes and application containers. Joe Beda, Principal Engineer for Cloud-Native Apps at VMware, answers all things Kubernetes and what customers can expect to gain from new technologies like Project Pacific and Tanzu Mission Control.

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A vRealize Operations Super Metric for VM NUMA…

A vRealize Operations Super Metric for VM NUMA Optimization

A vRealize Operations Super Metric for VM NUMA…

In the mad rush leading up to VMworld, I saw a cool new fling by Mark Achtemichuk and Mark McGill that provides a report for optimizing your VM CPU configuration for NUMA boundaries. This is something we get a lot of questions about from customers and they want to know if vRealize Operations can provide The post A vRealize Operations Super Metric for VM NUMA Optimization appeared first on VMware Cloud Management.

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VMworld 2019 US – Day 2 Recap

On Tuesday, VMware CTO Ray O’Farrell guided a conversation with a series of hands-on demos that look at the dynamic interplay between apps, infrastructure, cloud, networking, security, and devices. Then, Sanjay Poonen hosted two professional athletes, skier Lindsey Vonn, the top US skier of all time, and Steve Young, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former 49er quarterback. They share personal stories of their unrelenting work ethic, how they overcame obstacles, and what drives their passion. 

The Industry’s Only Complete Software-Defined Networking and Security Stack Built for the Multi-Cloud Era 

Today VMware announced a broad set of networking and security innovations and major milestones that further advance our vision of the Virtual Cloud Network. Important updates include the introduction of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer; new and enhanced network and security analytics capabilities, delivered through VMware vRealize Network Insight 5.0 and NSX Intelligence, which build upon advancements of VMware’s SD-WAN by VeloCloud, the industry’s only hyperscale cloud networking solution. Read the announcement to learn more.  

Introducing Project Magna 

VMware also provided a preview of Project Magna, which is a reinforcement learning-based automated vSAN performance tuning service. Project Magna will be the first instantiation of the self-driving data center vision, beginning with VMware vSAN. It will focus on using reinforcement learning to understand application needs and to continually and dynamically auto-optimize the underlying vSAN configuration to drive greater performance and efficiencies. Magna will be delivered as a combination of a VMware cloud service integrated with vRealize Operations. 

Expanding Telco and Edge Cloud Portfolio to Enable Better Connectivity and Automation for Communication Service Providers and Enterprises 

As announced today, VMware has expanded its Telco and Edge Cloud portfolio to drive real-time intelligence for telco networks, as well as improved automation and security for telco, Edge and IoT applications. This is an important development and one that enables them to efficiently deploy, realize and monetize their 4G and 5G network investments through an expanded set of use cases targeting enterprise customers. We also announced the closing of the acquisition of Uhana. Read the press release for more information.