Buffalo vBeers

What’s a “vBeers” you ask? Well vBeers was created to provide an opportunity for virtualization enthusiasts and IT professionals to meet and enjoy discussing all things virtualization and anything else in the world of tech. We recognized that there was often a long delay in meeting up with our fellow vGeeks and also in meeting new people in the industry, with this only ever seeming to happen during conferences or after virtualization user group meetings. vBeers was created as a non-commercial event and is intended as something for the virtualization community by the virtualization community. Despite the reference to beer in the name vBeers isn’t about just drinking beer as the focus of vBeers is all about the socializing, meeting others and having a good conversation or two in a pleasant social setting.

From time to time the Buffalo,NY Chapter of the VMware Users Group (VMUG) will hold a vBeers event and we’ll have a sponsor pick up the bar tab! There is no presentation or hard sell, it’s really just about the socialization, fun and geek talk! This is not an open to the public event, people have to be a VMUG member, subscribe to our Buffalo, NY VMUG Community and register for the vBeers. Check Back here for all the info on upcoming vBeers events!