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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Is Here!

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Is Here!

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Is Here!

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub! Existing AirWatch Agent customers will see branding updates on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. New features will be available on iOS and Android. What is Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub? Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub brings together support for BYOD and corporate-owned devices into […] The post VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Is Here! appeared first on VMware End-User Computing Blog .

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How VMware AppDefense could have helped…

How VMware AppDefense could have helped mitigate the Equifax Data Breach

How VMware AppDefense could have helped…

What Happened On Sep 7th 2017, Equifax – one of the “big-three” U.S credit bureaus – announced on a data breach which may have affected 143 million Americans. This breach jeopardizing victims Social Security numbers, birth dates and for some driver’s license numbers[1]. Since this breach, Equifax made the news on other issues related and The post How VMware AppDefense could have helped mitigate the Equifax Data Breach appeared first on VMware Security .

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What’s New in Workspace ONE UEM 1810

What’s New in Workspace ONE UEM 1810

What’s New in Workspace ONE UEM 1810

The latest updates and features for Workspace ONE UEM 1810 are now available! The 1810 release highlights include major console updates, and new features for Apple, Android, and Windows 10. Watch this What’s New video to quickly overview this release’s highlights. Additionally, you can expand the drop-down menus to review the features covered in the […] The post What’s New in Workspace ONE UEM 1810 appeared first on VMware End-User Computing Blog .

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Work at VMware – Achievement Unlocked!


Whoa! It’s been an exciting couple of months!  I’m very excited to announce on Monday August 14th I will officially start the next chapter in my career.  I have accepted the position of Pre-Sales System Engineer, Enterprise – UpState NY at VMware.  Yeah Baby!  The mother-ship!  VMware has been such a big part of my professional and personal life for so many years, this is really an incredible opportunity.  I cant tell you how thrilled I am to be able to provide technical guidance and help customers!  How awesome is that.  Im really looking forward to building a trust relationship with my customers and learning all about how they are working and what is unique to their business and where VMware can help empower their digital transformation.

With any change there are some doors that open and some that close.  I will absolutely miss working every day with my team at M&T.  These guys and gals are top notch.  Pro-quality, high test, premium grade, A1 choice cut.  The level of leadership and talent is top notch.  The good news is that I will be supporting them as their new SE.  🙂   Another door that closes for me is my leadership responsibilities at the Buffalo VMUG.  This one hurts.  Community give back is so important to me, and I truly enjoyed the planning of the meetings and vBeers. l’ll move onto the steering committee and Ill be at every one helping out as much as I can with presentations and spreading the good word of VMware!  Ahh VMworld…. I had to cancel my trip this year.  No worries though, ill be back next year.  Someone put a dollar in a slot machine for me!!

Lastly – whats up with this vBlog?  Its only gonna get better kids!  Hang tight.  Great things are coming!


VMworld 2017 Must See Sessions

Hey Everyone!  Wow I cant believe we are already looking forward to VMworld 2017.  Its back again this year in Las Vegas and if you have never attended or haven’t registered yet, you definitely should!  Its a great opportunity to learn about emerging virtualization technology and meet and socialize with your peers. Its really a great time.  You can check out a recap of my VMworld 2016 right here.

Every year VMworld releases a few weeks prior to the schedule builder going live the content catalog.  Its always fun to search through all the great sessions and start to ear mark the ones I want to attend.  Often by the time the schedule builder goes live if you don’t choose your sessions a head of time many sessions will fill up quickly and you will be left out in the cold! (well its hot in Vegas, but you know what I mean). With that said, below is the list of some of the session that I feel are going to be awesome and I’m going to register for.  Here is the link for the VMware US Content Catalog –

vRealize Operations Capacity Explained (MGT1599BU)
This is an absolute must see!  At VMworld 2016, I was fortunate enough to be involved in co-presenting this session and I would highly recommend it.  Hicham Mourad is an expert on capacity management and he always delivers a fast paced and interactive presentation.  Last year this session was a top 10 session for attendance and rating.  Hicham will take you through a deep understanding of the different capacity and efficiency badges and how they are calculated, and he will explain in depth the different capacity models.  Expect to see a demo also. As long as Hicham is doing this session, I will be in attendance.  Here is a pic of Hicham and I presenting!

vSphere APIs with Alan Renouf and Kyle Ruddy (SER3036GU)
Just look at the title – Alen Renouf and Kyle Ruddy  – are you kidding me!  Two giants in the field of APIs.  This is one I will register for.  I am looking forward to learn about vSphere APIs and how to use them.  This session will deliver some really great content.

The Top 10 Things to Know About vSAN (STO1264BU)
Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan – BOOOOM!   This is the mother load of vSAN presentations. I really don’t need to type anything else, but just in case you need more……. Cormac and Duncan will go over starting from the design phase and benchmarking to the operational aspect of vSAN.  I cant image a more informative session on vSAN.  Make sure you favorite this session, it will fill up right away!  Im bringing my autograph book!

VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started Workshop (ELW18801U)
What to get some hands on with VMware Cloud interface to perform basic tasks and manage your public cloud capacity!!??  Hell yeah!

VMware Cloud on AWS: A Technical Deep Dive (LHC2384BU)
Frank Denneman and Ray Budavari are two of the most technical speakers around.  This session will take a closer look at key features of VMware Cloud on AWS, such as elastic cluster and NSX networking functionality.  I clicked the star on this one… don’t miss it!

NSX and VMware Cloud on AWS: Deep Dive (LHC2103BU)
This is another Ray Budavari presentation.  He is like the Papa Smurf of NSX, a true NSX OG! This session will take you through the connectivity models for VMware Cloud on AWS and how NSX provides consistent networking on security between on premises deployments and public cloud…plus a whole lot more!

So there you are, just a few of the amazing sessions coming up at VMworld US 2017, that I will be attending.  There are so many more to choose from, all the content looks good.  I know my schedule will be filled to the brim!  Don’t forget to allow a little time to do some Hands On Labs and check out the Solutions Exchange and Hang Space.   Also make sure to stop by the VMUG booth and if you are not a member register and get involved in the community!

See ya in Vegas, Baby!