VMworld 2019 US – Day 1 Recap

The first day of VMworld 2019 US is in the books and I wanted to share a summary of a few key announcements and developments and what they mean for you. I think the announcements are quite interesting and beneficial to you and the team.

Below you’ll find updates on hybrid cloud and expanding partnerships, a preview into the VMware Tanzu Portfolio, enhancements to VMware Workspace ONE, and exciting new capabilities in VMware Cloud on AWS.

This is an exciting time for VMware customers and the industry. I know I’m certainly excited for how these announcements can help us moving forward, so please take a look

VMware Delivers a Hybrid Cloud Platform Powering Next-Generation Hybrid IT

VMware is continuing to build its agnostic platform while expanding partnerships. No matter the platform you choose now or in the future (AWS, Dell, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and HPE), VMware continues to be strongly positioned to be the provider for any cloud, as well as on-prem—we use the same software and VMware Validated Design with our VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) stack, enabling you to migrate, modernize and manage workloads across clouds, data centers, and edge locations with consistent hybrid cloud infrastructure and operations.

We’ve also made a lot of complementary announcements on automation, disaster recovery as-a-service, andproactive support, among others. Read the announcement for additional information.

VMware Cloud on AWS Helps You Migrate and Modernize Applications

A new study shows that customers who want to migrate to the cloud can save 59 percent in operational costs with VMware Cloud on AWS versus the equivalent capacity in a traditional data center. Additionally, VMware Cloud on AWS is now available in 16 AWS regions globally and can be purchased from both AWS and VMware. Check out the press release for the full study and additional resources.

NVIDIA and VMware Intend to Deliver Accelerated GPU Services for VMware Cloud on AWS

The partnership is designed to power modern enterprise applications, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and data analytics workflows. These services will further allow you to migrate workloads that previously were not well-suited for the cloud and take advantage of high-performance computing, machine learning, data analytics and video-processing applications.

Simply put, we’re adding capabilities that will make it easier to move specific and graphic-based workloads to the cloud. Read the announcement for the details.

VMware Announces VMware Tanzu Portfolio

While this is a preview into what’s coming, Tanzu enables you to build modern apps on Kubernetes and manage all of your clusters from a single control point. Ultimately, integrated teams can request what they need, when they need it, and get it effectively and efficiently. This helps you keep up with the speed of tech while not having to worry about changes and patching continuously.

Additionally, take a look at Project Pacific, which will enable IT operators and developers to accelerate innovation by running modern applications on VMware vSphere with native Kubernetes. Read the release for details.

VMware Unveils Innovations Across Its Industry-Leading Workspace ONE Platform

New enhancements and capabilities to Workspace ONE will help you grow, expand and transform. The new modern management, security and multi-cloud VDI innovations will allow IT teams to leverage the power of automation to intelligently manage and secure access to any app, on any cloud, delivered to any device. And it makes you faster. You have the tools you need, and they’re integrated across multiple devices and platforms, such as Dell.

For example, VMware is leading the way in helping IT and HR reimagine the onboarding and day one employee experiences with the introduction of digital concierge services, leveraging the extensive automation capabilities of the Workspace ONE platform and the richness of partner integrations. Check out the article for more information.

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