Work at VMware – Achievement Unlocked!


Whoa! It’s been an exciting couple of months!  I’m very excited to announce on Monday August 14th I will officially start the next chapter in my career.  I have accepted the position of Pre-Sales System Engineer, Enterprise – UpState NY at VMware.  Yeah Baby!  The mother-ship!  VMware has been such a big part of my professional and personal life for so many years, this is really an incredible opportunity.  I cant tell you how thrilled I am to be able to provide technical guidance and help customers!  How awesome is that.  Im really looking forward to building a trust relationship with my customers and learning all about how they are working and what is unique to their business and where VMware can help empower their digital transformation.

With any change there are some doors that open and some that close.  I will absolutely miss working every day with my team at M&T.  These guys and gals are top notch.  Pro-quality, high test, premium grade, A1 choice cut.  The level of leadership and talent is top notch.  The good news is that I will be supporting them as their new SE.  🙂   Another door that closes for me is my leadership responsibilities at the Buffalo VMUG.  This one hurts.  Community give back is so important to me, and I truly enjoyed the planning of the meetings and vBeers. l’ll move onto the steering committee and Ill be at every one helping out as much as I can with presentations and spreading the good word of VMware!  Ahh VMworld…. I had to cancel my trip this year.  No worries though, ill be back next year.  Someone put a dollar in a slot machine for me!!

Lastly – whats up with this vBlog?  Its only gonna get better kids!  Hang tight.  Great things are coming!


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