Reclaiming CPU and Memory in vROPs 6.2

Hi there everyone, where I work we’re pretty lucky to have a really nice test lab. This is an environment that is for the most part isolated from production, development and certification. Its an Engineering only sandbox for proof of concept and testing; however its still a fully functioning data center and there are a number of infrastructure systems that are relied on to keep the lab running smoothly and even though we have a budget for adding virtual infrastructure capacity there comes times when we start to run hot on CPU and more so memory in our VMware environment. The cool thing is we can use the Reclaimable Capacity section in vROps to identify which resources are being consumed and which guests are the trouble makers and by configuring the vCenter Python Action Adapter we can modify objects in vCenter right from vRealize Operations Manager… how awesome is that!

I wanted to write up a nice walk through on how to configure the Python Adapter and use the Reclaimable Capacity section in vRealize Operations Manager to figure out which guests and how much capacity you can recover; however when I was doing some research on the subject I came across Jason Gaudreau’s blog where he expertly explains in detail everything I would of shared with you all. Jason and I have spoke on the phone a few times as he has helped me work out a couple things or given me direction. He’s really an expert so check out his post Right-Sizing with vRealize Operations 6.0

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